Monday, July 28, 2008

Educational Journey to the land of Promise

Well I have reached the sunset of my time here in the U.S and I am glancing at the dawn of a more brighter future with radiating hope and a pulsating heart that is ready to attach itself to elements of growth and progress. I have met and immersed myself within the mind of a mine who said "A house that is divided against itself cannot stand" I have retraced his footsteps and learned of his humble begginings.

I have shaken the hand of " a change we can believe in" I heard him speak I listened to his speech and I was exposed to a new a clearer defination of what hope really means. Trully from the Life of this man I have learned that it is not our circumstances that make us but the choices we make make us, he is the son of a Kenyan migrant and born of a poor family but today he stands to become the change the world has been yearning for.